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Thanks to a flexible and dynamic organization, as well as updated production processes which meet any application field and production need, Bipiesse offers integrated services for the manufacturing of plastic materials.

The evolution of materials and techniques allows today infinite chances for plastic materials, ranging from electronics, to components, automation, technical lighting, precision hydraulics, automotive.
A specific know-how, as well as updated production plants, are basic requirements for the manufacturing of each item.
This is the reason why Bipiesse cooperates with customers in the engineering phase of product, and through technology sharing it grants its development to reach the best quality standard.

A strategic partner for both product and technological innovation, Bipiesse can face the challenge of the new markets.

Building items project and manufacture join the industry of moulding and components assembling on commission.
Bipiesse has matured a considerable expertise in this field thanks to a long and established family tradition, which has finally led to the devising and subsequent development of successful and innovatory laying units for steel frames, and the assembling of prefabricated panels and supporting units.
Worked out in cooperation with the University Research Department, Bipiesse building items assure the control of production time as well as final cost.

A favourable geographical position, being Bipiesse factory situated in the town of Pontebba, next to the A23 highway exit, and the close proximity to Austria, Slovenia and Germany, as well as to Central and Northern Italy, make its commercial presence on the market dynamic, and the quality of its technical assistance accurate.


“Plastic materials” is a label for a very wide range of polymers bearing different chemical and physical features: this is why “plastics” have found many and varied application fields.

The precise selection of the right raw materials, and the implementation of the exact production process bring to the realization of suitable components, which can meet different needs. Peculiar moulders are usually employed in the medical and electromechanical area, in household appliances, in the automobile and food industry, in automation, in furnishing, toys, telephony…

In short, there is no field which is willing to give up this material and this technology.

Bipiesse building items

Counting on a long-established experience in construction and prefabrication sites, and after an accurate testing phase, made under normal operating conditions, Bipiesse has projected, engineered and set up a series of items especially conceived to ease up some operations in the field.

A particular mention is deserved to:

erCole, a custom-made shim for the compensation of thickness during the laying of prefabricated items;
and termXtop, a patented spacing system conceived in order to produce prefabricated panels with no bridge heat.


Realized in a high density and strong wear material, erCole represents the ideal solution for the precise levelling during …

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termXtop is a special patented spacer which allows the manufacture of prefabricated panels totally devoid of any bridge heat …

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woodKil is a wedge for felling plants specifically designed to replace wedges made of iron or “hard” wood usually used for this type …

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A direct negotiation with the customer, and a cooperation working at different stages, are Bipiesse’s key words to meet all different needs..

The first step is that of plain supply of components, with moulds (and sometimes even materials) provided by the customer.

The following step comes with the supply of assembled components, in time with the customer production needs.

At the same time, counting on the fruitful combined effort with Research and Design Centres, Bipiesse can grant support and technical advice from the very beginning, from item and mould development and engineering, to selection of most suitable materials; from the working plan to the mould manufacturing on demand.

This way Bipiesse aims to best fulfil different requirements, while providing a reliable joint action and a high added value coming from the use and production of certified quality plastic materials.


Bipiesse moulding service meets all the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 requirements, which …

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Beside the production of single moulded items, Bipiesse offers customers the chance to combine it with their production needs …

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Thanks to its long established experience Bipiesse features itself as a valuable interlocutor in case of definite items …

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All Bipiesse production meets UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 certified quality standards …

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