Project Description


termXtop is a special patented spacer which allows the manufacture of prefabricated panels totally devoid of any bridge heat.

This item serves as a spacer for the lower mesh frame panel so that not to require the use of saddles or other devices.

termXtop comes in 2 sizes of height: 200 mm and 240 mm.

Use (rev. 0 – 15.07.2007)
The termXtop item is obtained by combining the two plates and having them run one inside the other, thus creating the “X” featuring shape.
Insert two reinforced concrete rounds (diam.8 mm) in the suited holes, as indicated in the picture. The bars prevent the running of the plates.

Set termXtop as indicated in the picture, paying attention that the number of termXtop units for square meter must always be less than or equal to 1(≥ 1).

Insert now the mesh frame by laying it on the termXtop iron bars.

Holes are made to always fit a suitable abutment stone for the mesh frame.

Once the first concrete casting is carried out, you can place the insulating material over the whole surface: termXtop sharp profile pierces the polystyrene partition and allows the contact with the concrete layer, thus eliminating polystyrene wastes and reducing laying time.

Now you can lay the mesh frame of the second plate and insert the iron bars in the upper holes.

It is now time to cast the second plate. Also this mesh frame will be spaced from the upper surface bymeans of a suitable abutment stone.
The upper profile will determine the convenient section of the whole wall.

termXtop is the result of a co-operation with Udine University Civil Engineering Department, which has taken care of its dimensioning.